Upgrading openXdata

Upgrading your existing openXdata instance

Check the release notes

If there are any for a release, release notes are on the Download page. The release notes should outline whether the compatibility of upgrading between versions. Most likely problems are:

  • mobile client protocols - you must make sure your mobile phones can talk to the newer version of your server.
  • database inconsistencies - changes may have occured that require your database structure to be upgraded

Back-up your database

The mysqldump command comes with your MySQL server setup. Full instructions can be from the MySQL Documentation page e.g. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/mysqldump-sql-format.html (make sure you have the documentation that corresponds to your MySQL version).

The basic command that can be run from the command line is:
mysqldump -u root -p myopenxdatadb > myoxdbackup.sql

This produces a .sql file in the location you run the command from which can be used to restore your database in the future.

Please note, if running a production system, you should be taking regular backups of your openxdata database anyway.

Back-up your current openXdata war

In your tomcat webapps home folder, you will find a folder named openxdata.war and a directory openxdata

Before proceding further, take a copy of the folder and its contents as a backup and put it somewhere other than your tomcat/webapps folder.

Download new openxdata.war

Do you want your new version of openXdata to be at the same or a new URL? This lesson assumes that you do want your upgrade at the same URL http://myhost:8080/openxdata

If you want it at a new URL, you can see the lesson on multiple openXdata instances for further information

If your existing openXdata instance is at /openxdata, then save your newly downloaded war as openxdata.war

Undeploy your existing openxdata web application

This step will delete your currently deployed web application, but will not touch your database

In the Tomcat Web Application Manager, find the row with your openxdata instance and click Undeploy

openXdata un-deployed

Repeat steps from installation

Now repeat the steps from the installation, to deploy your new web application and then set the database settings in the OPENXDATA_SETTINGS.properties file to point your new openXdata instance to your existing database

If something goes wrong

If something goes wrong:

  1. Undeploy your new openXdata
  2. Restore your MySQL database from your backup
  3. Redeploy your old openXdata. Don't forget to update the OPENXDATA_SETTINGS.properties
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