Installing pre-requisites (Windows)

Installing MySQL & Tomcat on Windows.

Download MySQL Installer

MySQL is available to download from
You can select the MySQL Community Server or the MySQL Installer for Windoes (All MySQL Products). The following instructions are based on MySQL Community Server (32-bit - MSI Installer)

Run MySQL Installer

Click Next, and "Accept" the License Agreement

Typical Installation

A "Typical" installation is fine for openXdata

Launch the MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard

Leave the checkbox ticked to Launch the MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard so that we can set our root password.

Use Standard Configuration unless

If you haven't set-up MySQL before, this will be fine.

Set the Windows Options

Ensure the settings are as shown.

Set your root password & save it

Enter a SECURE password for your root password. This password allows the user to control all of your MySQL including deleting any openXdata databases set-up. General rules of thumb for a good password:

  • At least 8 characters
  • A mix of upper and lowercase
  • Add in non-standard characters like *&!$
  • Use a random selection - do not use "openxdata" or 0p3nxd4t4" or "password" or "p455w0rd" etc.
  • It should not be the same as any other password you use.

Leave "Enable root access from remote machines" unchecked. It is not needed for openXdata and reduces the opportunities for unauthorized access.

Do not create An Anonymous Account.

Write the password down for later use and KEEP IT SAFE. You will need it and you can end up completely locked out of your databases if you lose it.


MySQL will now run as a service on your windows machine. It should start automatically on boot. To access services. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

To access MySQL

To access MySQL, you have three options:

  1. Start -> Run. For the root user, enter the command as shown above. For other users enter "mysql -u myuser -p"
  2. Start -> Run then enter "cmd" From the command prompt you can then enter the commands as in option 1
  3. In your programs menu, you should see an option MySQL Command Line Client

Download & Run Tomcat 6 Installer

From download "32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer"

and run the downloaded .exe

Ensure that Manager is installed

Accept the License. Then, on the Choose Components screen, select a "Normal" Install and ensure that the Manager is installed. You do not need the Manager, but all subsequent openXdata tutorials explain deploying openXdata through the Manager interface.

Set the Manager username and password

Choose a username and password for the tomcat manager. Again, make sure this password is unique and secure and note it down for use later. Keep it somewhere safe, but losing this password is less fatal than losing your MySQL root password.

Leave the Roles unchanged from the default "manager-gui" All other defaults should be fine unless you want to run on a non-standard port.


You can leave the rest as defaults and install tomcat. Ensure that Run Apache Tomcat is selected and click Finish

Stopping and Starting Tomcat

Like MySQL, this process has setup tomcat as a service on your windows machine that you can access through the control panel.

In addition, by default, a tomcat status icon will appear in your System Tray. And by right clicking on the icon shown above you get a menu to start, stop or configure Tomcat.

Further Help

This tutorial was made in XP. For further assistance on setting up Tomcat or MySQL, please see their respective documentation at:

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