Import an existing form

How to import a form from a .xml file

Create a new form and open form designer

Follow the steps in the lesson "Adding a new Form" to add a new form.

To Edit the form:

  1. select the form
  2. press Edit
  3. then Design Form

From empty form designer go to Xforms Source

You will see a blank box

Open your .xml file in a text editor

Then select all the text (Ctl+A) and copy and paste it into the Xforms Source Box

Press the Open button to import the .xml into a form

After you have pasted the text into Xforms Source box, press the Open button

openXdata will render the form

Assuming that there are no errors in your xml and it is compatible with openxdata, then you should see your questions appear in the left column of the form designer. Depending on your .xml you may also have an existing web form under the Design Surface

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