Adding a new form

Adding a new Form to an existing Study.

Select Study you wish to add form too (Optional)

A study is selected by clicking on a Form within that study. You cannot directly highlight the line which lists the study. It is not necessary to select a study in order to add a new Form and if you select the wrong study, you can change it in Step 1 of the Wizard.

Open the New wizard

Step 1 - Choose to add a new Study or use an existing Study

If you select use an existing Study, as shown in the above picture, the Wizard will automatically use the one you previously selected. But you can change it, by using the dropdown box.

Step 2 - Add a New Form

  1. Select Add a new form
  2. Enter the name for your new form. If you enter a form name that has already been taken, you will see an error, as shown at the bottom of this tutorial.
  3. Optional - Enter a description of your form
  4. Click Next

If you do not click Next, the form will be created, but if will not have a version and will not be published. In order to use a form, it must have a version. If you decide to create a form without a version, you can always return later and repeat the above steps, but then "select an existing form" at this step and go to Step 3.

To view a form with no version in the Dashbaoard you must select "Show all versions" & "All Forms"

Step 3 - Create a version and choose whether to publish

The version number will automatically be set for you. You can add a version description, perhaps to note any changes you make between versions.

All forms, Published or not, will be visible on the web interface. However, only "Published" forms are downloaded to the mobile phone. This allows you to select which forms are usable by your mobile data collectors and to allow you to keep them up-to-date with the latest form changes. In order to see an un-Published form on the Dashboard, you must select "Show all Versions"

Click Design to go straight to the Form Designer, or Save & Exit to return to the Dashboard to see your new form.

Error - Form already exists

Within each study, form names must be unique. If you enter a form name that already exists for the chosen study then you will see the above error. Form names can be the same across different studies, but Study names must also be unique.

Nerd note: The form binding is used as the name of the MySQL database table containing the uploaded (& processed) data. The form binding is study_binding_form_binding_version#

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