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v1.16 Features

We keep adding new features to openXdata to bring you the best in data collection. In 1.8 you will find:

Everything you expect from a data collection tool

  • We support the following data types: Text, Integer, Decimal, Single Select (select only one option), Multiple Select (check all that apply), Boolean (Yes/No), Date, Time, Date & Time, Repeat (a group of questions which can be repeated), Picture, Video, Audio, Single Select Dynamic (see Glossary), and GPS.
  • Answer validation to improve data quality
  • Skip Logic to guide users through your Form
  • Mobile client works on low-end phones
  • Web-based data capture
  • Export your data to .csv
  • Free and open-source to run on your own server where you control your data

In v1.16 we have added:

Improved Dashboard

The landing page has been upgraded to provide Study Manager's access to all their main activities.
Form management:

  • Add forms and studies through guided dialogs
  • Quick overview of the number of responses on each form
  • Add, Edit and Delete studies easily
  • Improved Export and Import of your xml-based definitions
  • Search function for your forms

User management

  • Role-based user management
  • Assign users permission to view only the necessary parts of openXdata
  • Assign users to studies (groups of forms) or individual forms
  • Reset passwords

For administrators, the Dashboard now includes Java Melody to monitor the performance of your openXdata interface.

Improved Data Management

  • View Responses in a simple spreadsheet view
  • Edit responses in-line or open the data entry form
  • All edits are recorded for full auditing in openXdata database
  • Dialog to view "un-processed" data and re-process it

Improved Form Designer

  • Design forms in our graphical user interface
  • Autogenerate web forms
  • We have continued to improve the stability of the openXdata form desginer
  • Directly edit xforms source, if you're that way inclined!

For complete openXdata features see the feature index.

Improved Community Processes

  • Since 1.3 we have shifted to 2-week iterations and a regular release cycle
  • We have implemented a new commit process including patches and code review. This has improved the stability and quality of our code, reduced our time to release, and increased the transparency of the features that are being worked on. Active work is viewable at
  • If you're interested in joining the openXdata developer community, go to to get started - we'd love to hear from you
  • Finally we have formalized our public release process to increase transparency and quality of our public releases.