To View Data, you need to have the role Role_Data_Manager.

  1. Select the form for the data you wish to view
  2. Click View Responses

Note, there is currently no way to view data for more than one form version at a time

Spreadsheet / Row View

In the view responses window you can see the following information:

  1. Information about the data entry - id, date of submission, capturer
  2. The form data with question bindings as column headings
  3. Clicking on the + sign will expan the data to display the repeat data
  4. Any repeat data
  5. Use the scroll bar to scroll right


  • The submission date and time is given in the timezone of your server. Remember to convert if you are in a different timezone than your server
  • Multimedia questions do not appear in this view.


In addition, you can use the From and To boxes and the Capturer drop down to filter the results you are viewing.

After entering your search criteria press the search button to filter the results.

More or less items can be displayed per page, by using the drop down on the bottom right above the Export to CSV button

Opening in Form View

Depending on your permissions, when you double click on a row, you may be presented with the above screen or you may be taken directly to the screen below.

To view your data in the form runner click Open

Form / Web View

Although the buttons and text fields are active, if you do not have permission to change data, when you try and press Submit you will not be able to change the data. Role_Data_Manager does not have permission to edit data.

There are currently problems viewing multimedia that has been previously saved. See Known Issues for more information.