Select New from List of Users

Step 1 of 4 - User information

A valid username and password are the minimum required to add a new user.

  1. Username - the convention in openXdata is for case insensitive usernames. This means that Admin, admin and admiN are all treated the same. However, in 1.16 this can be changed, by changing the collation in your openXdata database of the user_name ow in table users. Work is underway to improve this as of August 2012. If your username is not valid, a red error message will appear and you will not be able to proceed
  2. Status. Users can be Active, Pending Approval or Disabled. Only Active users can perform tasks, collect data etc as per their roles
  3. You must enter a password for the user twice which must be greater than 6 characters.
  4. You can add the full name of the user. This doesn't affect how the system operates but will help you to find users and will be displayed at the top of the dashboard when they login.
  5. The email address is used to email a new password in the case of a forgotten password providing the email settings are correctly setup in Invalid email addresses will not be accepted
  6. Phone number can be used also to find and identify users.

Step 2 of 4 - Roles

You can assign one or multiple roles to a user.

Note, if a user has the Role_Administrator they have access to all functionality, studies and forms in openXdata so there is no need to assign additional roles.

To assign more than one role at a time, hold down Ctl to select multiple roles and then press Add Role to add those roles.

Roles displayed on the right are the roles presently assigned to the user. In the above example, the user has been assigned the role Mobile User.

Step 3 of 4 - Studies

If a user is assigned to a study they have access to all the forms in the study.

In the above example, the user has been assigned to the Study "Example Study" but not to the study "Sales Data"

Step 4 of 4 - Forms

If a user has been assigned to a study, they are automatically assigned to all the forms in a study. However, access to individual forms can be set on this screen.

In the above example, the user has access to the Sample Form because we gave her access to the Example Study in Step 3. In addition, they have been given access to the Northern Region form from the Sales Data study, but not the Southern Region Form.