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Users - Import

Importing Users

If you have a lot of users to enter into your system, you likely don't want to enter them all manually one-at-a-time. openXdata allows you to do a csv import of your users.

Download import template

After you click on Import, you can either enter your csv or you can download a template that demonstrates the correct layout for you to add your users. A .csv file can be opened in a text editor or in excel. But if you do open it in excel, remember to save as a .csv when you are done so that openXdata can recognize the file for import.

Enter users in csv

Here, I have entered two users.

  • name is the username
  • firstName, middleName, lastName are the user's real name
  • clearTextPasword is the user's password (hopefully you'll pick something secure)
  • roles, this a comma seperated list of all the roles you want the user to have. Remember the _ between each list
  • formPermissions - add the individual form names you wish to grant access to seperated by a comma - note that you cannot have a space at the start of the form name e.g. "Northern Region, Sample Form" will not work but "Northern Region,Sample Form" will work
  • studyPermissions - add the study names you wish to grant access to, again seperated by a comma

Save your work as a .csv

Upload users

Upload confirmation

After import, a screen will present to you the number of successful and unsuccessful uploads. You can download a file from this screen which specifies for each user where the problem was so you can correct your .csv