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User Management Features

List of Users

The List of Users has the following sections:

  1. An overview of user details
  2. Search functionality for when you have many hundreds or thousands of users
  3. User Actions - New / Edit / Import - the User Actions are only accessible to an admin user

Only a user with role "Role_Administrator" has access to the complete set of user functions.

A user with role "Study_Manager" can edit users access to studies and forms through the Edit dialog in List of Forms. See section User Access to Studies and Forms

Note: A mobile user can view the list of users if they also have dashboard priveles e.g. if they are a Data Collector and a Mobile User - if you do not want a data collector to be able to view your list of users create two seperate users one for Data Collection and one for Mobile Collection as a workaround. This is currently necessary as the mobile client needs to be able to look at the list of users in order to login.