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Unprocessed data

As explained in How openXdata stores your data, openXdata stores your data in two places. Sometimes, your raw data may be in your database, but you may not be able to view it in the Dashboard because it could not be "processed."

This happens because of some problem matching yor data to the export table. It can happen because of bugs in openXdata or because something has gone wrong in your database. An example of a current bug that causes a problem is Ticket #254 where you can't capture integers above a certain length.

If I click View Responses when I am on the selected Sample Form, as show below, I will see only two responses displayed even though the number of responses is listed as 3

Managing unprocessed data

  1. Click on Admin on top right next to My Details (if you do not see this option, you need to ask your administrator for permission)
  2. Select Manage unprocessed data

Open, Delete and Reprocess

The Manage Unprocessed Data window gives you a list of all the data that has not been processed and requires a remedy.

You can correct the problem, by editing using (1) Open, (2) Deleting it, or by making other corrections at the database level.


  • Select the form you wish to edit
  • Click Open and you will be taken to the form runner - note you will need a form layout designed for your form
  • Alter the form as appropriate and click Submit
  • If your edit was correct and you have no more data to reprocess you will probably notice the triangle has gone from the List of Forms
  • Click the Refresh button and if the form has disappeared your edit was successful

Note that copies of the data that was originally entered are still stored in the database in the form_data_version table


  • Delete any forms that you don't want to reprocess by selecting them and clicking Delete


  • If you have made modifications at the database level or elsewhere and you want to trigger openXdata to attempt to process the data again select the relevant forms and click Reprocess. If they are removed from the list then they have successfully been exported to your table and you will be able to view the data from the Dashboard.