Hardware and software requirements for openXdata web application.


openXdata runs on freely available open-source tools. To run openXdata server you will need:

  • Apache Tomcat 6 or 7
  • MySQL


The above software can run on a very low spec machine. OpenXdata has been successfully run on virtual machines with a 4GB hard drive and 384MB RAM running Ubuntu Linux (using Sun VirtualBox OSE). Any laptop or PC less than 5 years old with more than 1GB of hard disk free and 512MB RAM should be sufficient to run openXdata. However, a full hard drive or other programs running with intensive requirements may affect performance.

If you wish your phones to connect via GPRS you will require a public IP address. Contact your internet service provider to find about this service. They may call it "dedicated IP" or "static IP."

  • If you are part of an organization you should discuss this with your IT team as if you don't know what you are doing, deploying openXdata could open up your computer network to the outside world. (This is not because of openXdata but because you are deploying a web-based service.)
  • There are also Dynamic DNS services which can give you a static domain even if you have a dynamic IP. To use services like this at home, you may need to configure your internet modem / wireless router.

If you wish to use SMS to receive data you will need an SMS gateway/modem. This can be as simple as a phone connected to your server with a USB cable but there are also custom pieces of hardware that act as SMS gateways. The use of sms is currently not widespread throughout the openXdata community so we welcome contributions on experiences, set-up and use of sms.