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Modifying User Access to Studies and Forms through List of Forms

Using List of Forms Dialogs

In addition to editing users permissions and access to forms in the List of Users, access to Studies or Forms can be set through the dialogs in the List of Forms.

This allows the Study Manager to edit access to forms and studies for users, even though they can't add users to the system or edit the users themselves.

Select form and use edit dialog

  1. Select the Form you wish to edit permission for, or any form inside the Study you wish to edit permissions for
  2. Select Edit

Edit Study permissions (or click Next for Form)

  1. Press the down button to edit the a user's access for the whole study
  2. Or select next to edit the permissions only for the form

Edit Study permissions cntd

If you pressed (1) in the above step, a new dialog will open up where you can add or remove users from a study.

Giving access to a study, proides access to all forms in that study. Remember that a mobile user will only be able to see "Published" forms.

You can use the search dialog to search for users if you have many in your list.

To select multiple users at the same time, hold the shift key while clicking on multiple users.

If you are finished at the is point you can Save & Exit

Edit Form permissions

If you clicked "Next" on the above dialog, you will be in the screen to edit the Form. Again,

  1. Press the down arrow to access the user dialog
  2. Edit users access to the form in the same manner as above by selecting users and adding them to the right hand list.

Cannot edit Form Version permissions

It is not possible to edit user access at the level of a form version. If you do not want users to see a form version, un-publish it.