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Form Management Features

In openXdata, forms are grouped into Studies. You can have one study with many forms, or many studies with many forms. Users can be assigned to Studiess, the whole group of forms, or individual forms (details in User Management). Forms can have versions. If you wish to change your form after you've started collecting data into it, you must create a new version - openXdata will prompt you.

On the web dashboard, after logging in, the first screen a user sees is a list of studies they have access to, by clicking on a study, they then see the list of forms in the study.

List of Forms box

  1. Study header - Note this is not selectable, for many activities you need to have selected a form
  2. Group of Forms
  3. Search by Form Name (not Study Name)
  4. Refresh the list of Forms - (including the number of responses)
  5. Form Actions
  6. Show All Versions - allows you to see "Unpublished Forms"
  7. Responses column
  8. Change the number of forms loaded per page
  9. Capture Data
  10. View Responses