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Form Actions - New (Study, Form or Version)

Clicking on "New" in the Form Actions area allows you to create a New Study, Form or Form Version. The Wizard can also be used to edit User access (covered in User Management). NOTE: As of 1.8.4, the Wizard does not allow you to create a new Form Version - see "Edit" for how to create a new Form Version.

Start the Wizard

Click New

openXdata can auto-populate some fields if you know which Study or Form you want to add to. Before clicking New

  • Select any Form within a Study Group, to autopopulate the Study
  • Select the exact Form you wish to add to to autopopulate the Form

Add a new Study, or select existing study to add a new Form

Note "Next >>" is greyed until you select one or other option.

Add a new Study

  1. Click Add a new study
  2. Enter Study Name - Note if you enter a Study name that already exists, an error will appear
  3. Optional - Enter a Study Description

Click Next to advance to the Next step - note you must add a New form, you cannot add a Study without a form

Add a new Form

  1. Enter Form Name
  2. Optional - Enter Form description

Note you can have a Form with the same name as a Form from another Study. But you cannot repeat form names within a study.

Click Next to create a New version - you must add a Form version.

Add a new Version

  1. The Form version name e.g. v1, v2, v3 is automatically created for you, you cannot edit it
  2. Optional - Add a description of the form version
  3. Select whether the form is Published* or not
  4. Select "Design", to go straight to designing the form, your new Study, Form, and Version will be Saved
  5. Select "Save & Exit" to return to the Dashboard

*See Glossary for explanation of Published and Unpublished forms

Add a form to an Existing Study

Optional - Select a form (by clicking the form row) in the existing Study that you want to add a Form to

Click the "Or, select an existing study" button and select the Study Name from the dropdown box.

Click Next

Add a new Form

  1. Select Add a new form
  2. Enter a form Name - must be unique within the study or you will receive an error
  3. Optional - enter a form description

If you select "Or, select an existing form" you will create a new form version - however this is broken in 1.8.4 - use "Edit" to create a New Form Version