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First Login & 1.16 Dashboard Home

Go to openXdata

Go to your openXdata server address (from Installating openXdata on your server or desktop) e.g. http://localhost:8080/openxdata

Default username & password

By default the username and password to openXdata are admin / admin

First time login - change admin password

Enter a new password for the admin user. If you do not you will continue to get warnings every time you log in to openXdata.

Later if you do not wish to use the default admin user, you can disable it. See section on managing users for further information.

openXdata 1.16 Dashboard Home

The openXdata 1.16 Dashboard Home provides a homepage from which to completely manage your data collection, with all the regularly used features quickly accessible

  1. List of Studies & Forms with the number of uploaded responses on the right.
  2. A red icon will show if there is unprocessed data that has been uploaded but is not yet available to View
  3. Add, Edit, Delete, Import and Export Forms (Use Edit to go to Form Designer)
  4. Capture Data
  5. View Responses
  6. View and Manage your users
  7. Change your password or other details
  8. Access the Admin panel for advanced functionality and to manage any unprocessed Data
  9. Logout
  10. Change the application Language (Available in English, Portuguese, Sesotho and Chichewa)