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Editing / Importing XML

XForms Source tab

This box is generally for more advanced users, or programmers comfortable with xforms. Be careful, you can break your form.

  1. Click on the XForms source to view the raw xform that you are creating
  2. You can edit the text in this box including copying in an entire new XForm
  3. Once you have made manual edits to your XForm, if you wish to save them, press the "Folder" or "Open" button - this saves your new XML to your database, you cannot undo this, there is no option to preview before you save.

Once you are more comfortable desgining forms, this can be a convenient way to make an extra backup of your xform while you are busy designing that does not involve exiting the form designer and using openXdata's Export functionality

In addition, if skip logic and validation are doing unexpected things, you can learn to read the xform and check for any errors in this text box.