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Capturing / Entering Data

To capture data on the web, you need the role Role_Data_Collector. For data collection on the mobile client, refer to the manual for the mForms.

  1. Select the form you wish to capture data for
  2. Select Capture Data (or double click on the form)

See v1.16 Known Issues for bug that displays previously uploaded multimedia on a blank form.

Red dots

A red dot can either mean a field is required or there is a validation error. Required fields will be marked with red dots as soon as you open the form, validation errors will appear when the error occurs. Hovering over the red dot will give you the error message so you know what to correct.

Submit or Cancel

To leave without saving your data click Cancel or the cross in the top right.

To save your data click Submit.

Although you can save a partially filled form on the mForms mobile client, this is not possible on the web forms

Submission confirmation

After pressing Submit, you will be returned to the main dashboard and given a Session reference. This is a unique identifier for the data you entered and can be used for monitoring or other purposes like downloading forms onto phones.