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Adding Single Select Dynamic

Create Single Select Dynamic question

  1. Create a single select question with two or more options
  2. With your Single select question selected, press Add New as normal to add a new question
  3. Question 3 appears, select it
  4. Change the Question type to Single Select Dynamic
  5. The Dynamic Lists tab will automatically pop-up
  6. If you only have one Single Select question in your list it will be pre-populated here
  7. The first option of the selected Single Select question is automatically displayed

(Note Single Select Dynamic questions cannot be used inside a repeat question)

Changing the Question that is being referred too

A Single Select Dynamic Question can refer to another Single Select Dynamic question or to a Single Select question to get the value on which to filter its own list.

To edit the question that is being referred to, click the question title that is written in link style between "...the answer for:" and "is equal to..."

On doing this a text box appears, delete the text in the text box and start typing the Question Text of the question you wish to refer to. the Form Designer will present a list of all valid choices.

Add your new options under each old option

  1. Ensure you are on the correct option
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enter the Option values - Text (the binding will be automatically generated, but you can change to any valid binding)

You can also use delete and up, down to move the options around

Repeat this for each of the options in your original question

Sample Form Example

Look at the standard sample form example that comes with openXdata. That has Single Select Dynamics that

  • select Country (from Single Select question Continent)
  • then select District (from Single Select Dynamic question Country)