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Adding Questions

REMEMBER - In the Form Designer, if you didn't press Save it isn't Saved

Blank Form

When you first design a form the form designer will open like the above picture.

Note the extra fields Description Template and Form Key that appear when you select a Form in the left window as opposed to a question.

The Description Template is used to display more meaningful list of forms to a user on the mobile phone. For example, if they are collecting data in the Sample Form and there is nothing in the Description Template then, on the phone, each form will be given a default name "Data1", "Data2" and so on.

However, you can use the description template to display a field from the form such as "Last name" or "Patient ID" so the list of saved data could read: "Smith ID 123", "Jones ID 345" etc.

Add First Page and Question with Add New Child

  1. With the Form selected, press the Add New Child Button
  2. The Form Designer will automatically add your first page and first question

Add Another Question

  1. Click on Question 1 so it is highlighted
  2. Click Add New
  3. Another Question will appear

Add question options

  1. Change your question to a question type that accepts options - Single Select, Multiple Select
  2. Ensure the Question is Selected
  3. Press Add New Child to add an option.

If you press Add New when the question is selected, then if will add another Question not an option.

You can keep pressing Add New Child to add as many options you like. Or you can select the option and then press Add New to add more options (because now you are at the Option level not the Question level)

Add another page

Pages are useful to group sets of questions. Pages are like tabs on the web view and are seperate lists of questions on the mobile client.

  1. Select the Page you wish to add a new page after
  2. Click Add New
  3. Your new page will appear

Save and Refresh often

If you have not pressed (1) Save, your changes have not been Saved.

If you press (2) Refresh before you press Save your form will be restored to what is currently saved on the server. This can be useful for undoing some changes if sometihng went wrong.

Video from older version

This video from an older version of openXdata still applies covering all the principles of adding questions to a form:

(00:00 – ~00:45) Adding your first question to a new form
(~00:45 – ~10:15) Question types: Text, Number, Decimal, Date, Time, Date and Time, Boolean, Single Select, Multiple Select, GPS, Picture, Audio, Video, Barcode (not yet enabled)
(~10:15 – ~11:15 ) Getting the Start Time and End Time of form entry.
(~11:15 – end) Moving questions, copy and pasting questions.