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Accessing additional Admin options

Defining new roles, access tasks and settings

The Admin console runs in a seperate window from the Dashboard. To access it click Admin -> Admin (you need Administrator privileges to acces the admin console)

Admin Console

The admin console allows you to modify three openXdata components:

  1. Roles
  2. Tasks
  3. Settings

You may also see a tab Datasets, this is being removed as it is currently non-functional.

Role Management - 1 Add A Role

  1. With any role selected, click the "Add New Child" button
  2. A "New Role" will appear in the left window
  3. Edit the Name of the Role
  4. Select the Roles Management tab to edit the permissions for your new role (See next Step)
  5. Click Save

Role Management - 2 Edit Role Permissions

To add or remove permissions for an existing role or yor newly created role:

  1. Select your role in the left window
  2. Select the Roles Management tab
  3. The left window is a list of all possible permissions that remain available for assignment to the role
  4. Selecting on a permission and using the Add or Remove permission buttons will move the permission from left or right as appropriate
  5. The right window displays the permissions that have been assigned to the role
  6. After editing the permisisons for your role, click save


The Tasks dialog allows you to edit existing tasks, start and stop them (by right clicking on the appropriate task), or add new tasks.

Tasks are run on a schedule like a cron job that is edited in the Schedule tab. Parameters are set in the Parameters tab.

Tasks refer to a java class that specifies the task action, so a new task will likely require some additional coding


The Settings tab allows you to edit various openXdata settings. For example, under User Settings you can enable an email to be sent when a New User is created.

You may need to re-start your openXdata instance after you have edited a setting for it to take effect.