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mForms v2.4 Features

We keep adding new features to our mobile client, while stlil maintaining our support for low-end phones. In mForms 2.0 you will find:

All the existing features

  • User-based authentication
  • Off-line data collection
  • Support the following data types on all phones: Text, Integer, Decimal, Single Select (select only one option), Multiple Select (check all that apply), Boolean (Yes/No), Date, Time, Date & Time, Repeat (a group of questions which can be repeated), Picture, Video, Audio, Single Select Dynamic (see Glossary),
  • If your phone has, you can collect GPS location data
  • Support for validation and skip logic
  • Support for a wide-range of low-end java phones


  • A log of all uploaded data
  • The ability to download data you have submitted and re-edit it
  • Support for calculations
  • Support for complex expressions - complicated skip logic and validation (currently requires a little tinkering on the server side, but you mobile users don't need to worry about this)