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Working offline

mForms is offline by default, connecting only when it needs to

mForms is offline most of the time. It connects to the server :

  1. Confirm a username / password if it is the first time a user has logged in
  2. Download studies (on first time login, or by user request)
  3. Downlad forms (by user request)
  4. Upload / Download data
  5. Re-confirm a user after 3 failed attempts at login (see password resets)

To use mForms offline, you do not need to do anything. Before your phone users leave mobile coverage range, make sure they have logged in and downloaded the forms they will need to complete their work.

Once the forms are downloaded onto the phone, they will be able to collect data until their phone runs out of storage space (this is typically a lot of forms).

When they are back in mobile range they can upload the data they have collected.

mForms does not automatically upload data

Don't forget, because mForms is offline by default, users must upload the forms they have completed.