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Users: new logins, password resets

What happens when:
1) A new users wants to login to the mobile client when another user has previously been using it
2) you reset the password for a user

New user login

When a new user wants to login, the application needs to connect to the server to verify the username and password as well as the user's permissions.

So make sure that the first time a new user logs onto the phone application, you have cellphone signal. After this initial login, the user will be able to access the application and collect data as normal.

IMPORTANT SECURITY CONSIDERATION: When a new user logs into the phone, any information stored on the phone will be available to the new user until the new user tries to download new studies or perform another action that connects them with the server.

Studies, forms, and data already entered will be available. However, users will not be able to upload data to a study they don't have access too.

NOTE: mForms 2.13 and higher has enhanced security that corrects this issue

Workaround to ensure this isn't a problem:
1) Have in place a system that means when a phone transfers between users that the previous owner confirms that they have uploaded all their data
2) On new user login, make sure the first activity is to Download Studies - this will reset everything.

Password reset

Because the application is designed to run offline, passwords are stored locally and so the user will continue to be able to login to their phone even when you've reset their password at the server level. However, as soon as a password has been reset at the server level, the phone user will not be able to upload or download data - they will get an access denied message.

To force the phone to re-check the server, the user must:

  1. Go to the login screen
  2. Enter their new password upto three times. They will get a message "Invalid username or password" until the phone reconnects to the server to get the new list of passwords.

The user will need to have mobile signal and a data connection to reset their password.