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Uploading & Downloading data

Data can be uploaded from two levels in the mforms client:

  • Study view - bulk upload
  • Data view - individual upload

You need a mobile signal and a data connection to upload and download data

Upload - data view

From the data view we can select individual forms to upload, which is useful if you have some forms currently incomplete

When uploading from the data view, you can upload one form at a time. To upload:

  1. Highlight the form you want to upload
  2. Click menu
  3. Select Upload Data

Upload - study view

Selecting upload from the study view will upload all saved data that is complete, but will leave any partially completed forms on the phone.

Upload Reference

When the data is uploaded, a confirmation message will appear on the phone. With this confirmation message will be an upload reference for each form that was successfully uploaded. This same ID can also be seen in the View Responses window on the server.

Deleting uploaded data

By default, successfully uploaded data is deleted from the phone. This can be changed in the phone's settings menu

Upload Log

From the studies screen, you can select View Upload Log

The upload log gives a list of all data that a user has uploaded. For example, in the above screenshot:
3 - Sample Form_v1 Data: 2 - Sat Oct 27 16:25:19 PDT 2012

This means the following:

  • 3 - this is the upload reference
  • Sample Form_v1 - this is name of the form
  • Data: 2 - this is the name of the form that was on the phone
  • Sat Oct 27 16:25:19 PDT 2012 - this is the time and dat of upload

Downloading data

From the form view, you can download data that you have previously uploaded

Downloading data - enter session reference

The Download data screen asks you to enter the session reference for the data you want download. The session reference is the same as the upload reference.

You can only download data you uploaded yourself.

Once the data is downloaded, you will see the data indicator again and you can edit the data.

Audit / Edit Trail

The database for the server tracks all edits to forms. There is currently no front-end way to view this, but it is possible to retrieve all the changes that were made to data and when.