The settings menu can be accessed from most screens in the mForms application.

  • General - this contains settings about how mForms displays forms
  • Date Format - override the phone's default date settings
  • Multimedia - Multimedia settings
  • Language - this menu is non-functional
  • Connection - change the connection settings
  • About - information about the mForms client you are running


  • Single Question Edit - in this view when you are entering data into a question, you can click Next and go straight to the next question instead of saving an answer and going back to the list of questions
  • Numbering - this automatically adds numbers to each question in the form for you
  • OK on Right - makes sure that the OK menu button is always on the right
  • Auto Save - when entering data into a form, from the list of questions there is a cancel option. With auto save selected this will just take you back to your list of forms and your data will be saved. Without it, you will be prompted to save or not before leaving the form.
  • Force No GPS - This setting will prevent a GPS question from accessing the phone's GPS functionality (if it has it) and always show the screen to manually enter GPS data

Date Format


You can use the multimedia settings to enforce specific encoding formats.

In addition, if your phone's camera has a high resolution and you want to limit the amount of data uploaded, you can edit the settings to capture only a smaller image size. To control the size of the photo taken, you can use the Multimedia settings on the mforms client.

You must set the encoding, width and height for this to work.

  • Picture Format eg jpeg = jpeg
  • Picture Width eg 320 = 320
  • Picture Height eg 240 = 240


  • Picture format must be exactly "jpeg" and must be supported on your phone. Check the encodings for your phone model
  • Set Picture format to "jpeg&quality=25" to reduce the size of the picture taken even further. You will see pixelization at this quality.
  • At these settings the xml should be around 17 kilobytes, and the picture itself (unencoded) around 11 kilobytes.

Language - non functional

The language menu is currently non-functional. It is being developed as part of

To change the language of the application, see Changing the application language

Connection Settings

The connection settings menu will take you to the same connection settings screen that you saw on first login.


The About screen will give you information about the version of the midlet that you are running which may be of use to project administrators if they are trying to troubleshoot issues