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Running the first time

The first time mForms runs on a phone, the user will see some additional screens by default,

First time login

The application is designed to be used offline, so user names and passwords are stored in the phone so that a user can login even when she doesn't have a cell phone signal.

However, the first time you login, the phone has no knowledge of the users on the server. So the first time you login, only the first time, the login screen will accept any username and password - these are later checked once you have confirmed the server details on the next screen.

Confirm connection settings

This is only presented to the user on the first login, afterwards the Connection Settings are available through the Settings menu.

You can confirm or edit the server settings.

For more information, see the Settings section.

Project administrators may also want to change this default URL before loading the mobile client onto the phone - for more information see Configuring the server URL

Application confirms user password and downloads list of studies assigned to user

Every time the application needs to access the internet, the user will be asked to confirm whether to allow the connection. This is something the phone does, not the application and we cannot change. Experience may vary from phone to phone.

  1. You must click yes to continue

User is presented with the list of Studies

This is the screen that the user will now see each time they log in

What if I enter the wrong username / password?

If you enter the wrong username or password, you will see an Access denied message. Pressing ok will return you to the login page you will then have the opportunity to enter a correct username and password.

What if I enter the wrong server address?

If you enter the wrong server address, you will see an error message. You will then be returned to the login screen, and then once again to the connection settings screen.

Note: In the unlikely even that you enter a valid openXdata server address, but not the correct openXdata server address then the application will think that you have an incorrect username and password and you will be taken back to the username and password screen but will not be shown the Connection Settings screen again and you will not be able to login. In this case you will need to delete the app from your phone and reinstall.