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Repeat questions

Using the Example Form, in the Example Study we look at how to use repeat questions on the mForms client.

Open the repeat question "Details of Children"

You are presented with a blank screen

This blank screen will contain a list of all of the groups of questions you have added, as you add them. For now, it is empty.

  1. Click New

You now have the questions that are in the repeating group

Note that as no information is added only "Cancel" is available as an option

Add information to each question

The list of questions now has OK option

After entering data for some or all of the questions, the OK option has appeared on the Right Option

Click OK

Now add more repeat question data (or return back to main form)

You now have a list of the data you entered. From here you can use the "Menu" button to add new data, delete a data set you've added or return to the main form.

Added some more data rows

In the above shot I have entered three seperate groups of answers to the repeat question.

Group 1
Name: NameOne

Group 2
Name: NameTwo
Age: 23
Sex: Female

Group 3
Name: NameThree
Sex: Male

You can also go up and down this list and select a row, to return and edit it.

To return to the main form

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click OK

Repeat data is now displayed in main form

The different rows are seperated by |

Note there is currently a ticket, to change the display on the main form from this to simply a count of the number of groups of repeat data entered.