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Installing on your phone

Installing the openXdata mForms mobile client on your phone is the same as installing any other application. Of course, that may not be much help! There are four ways to do this:

  • bluetooth (probably the easiest)
  • SD card (if your phone has it)
  • cable (if your phone has it)
  • from a browser (works for all phones but your project administrator needs to set it up)

These instructions contain a lot of "in general" and "usually" - this is becaues mobile phones vary widely in their menus and functionality - referring to your user manual will usually help!


You need:

  • Bluetooth on your phone
  • Bluetooth on a computer - built in or through a bluetooth dongle

The general process is:

  • Pair your computer and your phone
  • In you computer find the "Send files" function and send the .jar file to the phone
  • Accept the file transfer on your phone

After the transfer, look for the application on your phone - it will often be under Games

SD Card

You need:

  • Your phone to have an SD card slot
  • An SD card that fits in your phone - usually microSD (
  • Usually some kind of adaptor so you can use the microSD card like a USB stick on your computer

The general process is:

  • Plug the microSD card into your computer so it appears as an external drive, like a USB stick
  • Copy the .jar file onto the SD card
  • Eject from your computer
  • Put your SD card into your phone
  • Find the app on your phone

The mForms app will usually run from the SD card, but you also should be able to copy it onto your phone if you want to use the SD card for other file transfers.


You need:

  • A phone with a data cable

The general process is:

  • Plug the cable into your phone and your computer
  • On your phone it may ask you what kind of connection you'd like to make - choose Data or Storage
  • Hopefully, your phone will appear as an external drive on your computer
  • Copy the .jar to a place that looks right on your phone

Definitely one to check the manual. You may need software installed on your computer too.

From the phone's browser

This will work for all phones and if your user is remote from you. If your phone does not have an internet browser, it is likely that it cannot support openXdata mForms client. If you can't access the web, you may need to set up your phone to do so - which is also necessary for getting the mobile client to work.

You need:

  • Your project administrator, will need to put the mobile client in a publically accessible location

To install:

  • On your phone's web browser, go to the address you've been given for the jar - this can usually be the direct link to the jar e.g.
  • The phone's browser should prompt you to save it and optionally open it.