Entering data on the phone is very self explanatory. The best way to learn is to try entering data a few times on the sample form that comes with a default openXdata implementation.

Text question

Text questions will take all values using your phone's standard input - whatever language your phone's writing settings are set to is what will appear here.


Number questions only accept integers, like 65, not decimals like 65.3. Your phone will be forced to enter numbers on number fields. Negative numbers are accepted


Deciml accepts both integers and decimals. Your phone will be forced to enter numbers. Negative numbers are accepted.


Date questions will allow you to enter a date manually. But there will also usually be a Select Day option presented in the bottom menu which will bring up a calendar as shown above.


A time question will force the user to enter numerical values for hour and minute

Boolean / Single Select

On a single select, the default selection will be No Selection (unless you've specified a default in your form definition). Scroll up and down to select the value you want.

Multi Select

On a multi-select, use the middle key on your phone to select all the values that apply. In this screenshot, you can also see the help text that can be set in the form designer scrollign along the top of the mobile screen.

Repeat Question & Multimedia

Repeat and Multimedia questions are covered in seperate sections: Repeat questions


If your phone has GPS, and mForms can detect it, when you click the GPS question, you will be asked for permission to use the GPS. There is no way to circumvent this, the user must agree to use the GPS. Once GPS co-ordinates have been determined, they will be shown in the question.

If your phone does not have GPS, you will be given a screen to enter co-ordinates manually

Single Select Dynamic

Single select dnyamic questions look just like single select questions except that no options will be presented to the user until the preceding questions are entered. E.g. if you have a single select dynamic question Country, that presents a list of countries based on the Continent previously selected, until Continent is selected, no Countries will display in the question.


Required questions are marked with a * (red asterisk)


Disabled questions are marked with a grey stop sign.


If a locked question is enabled, you will be able to enter the question, but not enter data. Depending on the phone, the phone may show a lock symbol when you attempt to enter data.