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Compatible phones & compatible servers

To run openXdata, your phone, at the least must be able to run java applications. These phones are often called "feature phones." They usually cost $20 and up.

Basic requirements

The current main mobile client for openXdata requires CDLC-1.1, supported by most recent phones.

However, the standard is not always implemented in the same way, so different phones have varying performance.

Phones that work

cMost current openXdata users are using Nokia phones as they’re widely available and often inexpensive.

We can't test all phones, so we greatly appreciate other user experiences.

Phones that we know work:

Nokia Series 40 phones:

  • Nokia 2700c
  • Nokia 2710c aka 2710 Navigator Edition (has GPS)
  • Nokia 5130c aka 5130 Xpress Music
  • Nokia 2600c
  • Nokia 6700c (has GPS)
  • Nokia 3110c
  • Nokia 6131 NFC
  • Nokia 6220c (not great design for inputting data)
  • Nokia 1680 (price <$50)
  • Nokia 6020
  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia C1

All the above have been used in the field, so as far as we can tell all Nokia S40 phones work fine (see the note in Troubleshooting about setting up your GPRS connection settings).

Other phones known to work:

  • E71
  • Sony Ericsson P1i

It has been reported that many Samsung models and some LG models also have suitable j2me support.

Partially working

  • Motorola RazR – application will install but runs v. slowly (based on one test – other feedback welcome)

Known not to work

  • Sony Ericson – w350i

Server compatibility

openXdata is generally released in recommended pairs e.g. server 1.16.X is paired with mForms 2.4.X

However, if you wish to use older versions of the mobile client you can, we maintain forward compatibility. So mForms 1.7 will work with openXdata server 1.16.X. However, we do not maintain backwards compatibility, so mForms 2.4.x will not work with openXdata 1.3.X