1 - Getting started

  • We keep adding new features to our mobile client, while stlil maintaining our support for low-end phones. In mForms 2.0 you will find:

  • To run openXdata, your phone, at the least must be able to run java applications. These phones are often called "feature phones." They usually cost $20 and up.

  • Installing the openXdata mForms mobile client on your phone is the same as installing any other application. Of course, that may not be much help! There are four ways to do this:

    • bluetooth (probably the easiest)
    • SD card (if your phone has it)
    • cable (if your phone has it)
    • from a browser (works for all phones but your project administrator needs to set it up)

    These instructions contain a lot of "in general" and "usually" - this is becaues mobile phones vary widely in their menus and functionality - referring to your user manual will usually help!

  • The first time mForms runs on a phone, the user will see some additional screens by default,

2 - Using the application

3 - For project administrators