To install emit:

  1. download emit.war
  2. no need to set-up a new database, it needs our openXdata database
  3. Follow the same instructions as for openXdata to deploy the war (emit.war)
    1. See ~00:30 to ~1:30 on the video here
    2. it won’t run until we give it the correct properties file
  4. copy the file from your openxdata folder to your emit folder. On Ubuntu default installation of tomcat:
    • $ cd /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps
    • $ sudo cp openxdata/ emit/
  5. Start your web application from tomcat adminstrator homepage
    1. See ~5:40 on the same video as in step 3
  6. Log-in to emit using users set-up in openXdata server

To use emit you will need to have the Data Export task running, brief instructions on this are in the video here at ~1:08.

If you want to create a user that can use EMIT, you will need to create a role “Perm_Emit” to login and a few other permissions for capturing data. They will also need to be specifically allowed to view Studies. This is demonstrated in this video and this video.

The following permissions are required:

  • Perm_Add_Form_Data
  • Perm_Add_Users
  • Perm_Data_Edit
  • Perm_Data_Entry
  • Perm_Edit_Form_Data
  • Perm_Edit_Users
  • Perm_Emit
  • Perm_View_Forms
  • Perm_View_Form_Data
  • Perm_View_Form_Versions
  • Perm_View_Locales
  • Perm_View_Mapped_Studies
  • Perm_View_Permissions
  • Perm_View_Roles
  • Perm_View_Settings
  • Perm_View_Settings_Group
  • Perm_View_Studies
  • Perm_View_Tasks
  • Perm_View_Users