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Conflicting settings for Data Export Task^

If the data export task is set to run on a schedule AND has the task parameter continuous=true the schedule you set takes precedence so data will only be exported on the schedule and not every time a user uploads data.

To avoid this, only use schedule “run on startup” when continuous=true.

Changing form bindings can break your skip logic & validation^

If you have skip logic and/or validation which is looking for the result of another question then changing the form binding for will break your skip logic.  The skip logics are stored as form_binding/question_binding and the form_binding does not currently get updated if you make a change. So choose your form bindings wisely.

To fix your skip / validation logic, you will need to back to each question and update the logic manually.

Using a domain name instead of an IP address causes some users problems.^

Some users report that they cannot use a full domain e.g. to get their phones to connect to the server.

Others report success using apache modjk.

It may also be an issue with your mobile phone service provider’s DNS configuration.

If in doubt, stick to your static IP address with port e.g.

Refreshing causes forms to refresh 4-6 times^

If you’re designing forms, when you press the refresh button, the form will typically refresh 4-6 times.  This slows things down and can also prove very confusing on slow internet connections if users do not wait for all the refreshes to complete. (fixed in v1.2 onwards)

Changing a question type from Boolean to Single Select gives “Unexpected Failure (TypeError): xx is null” (but still works)^

If you have made a Boolean Question and subsequently wish to change it to Single Select when you save & refresh , you will get a pretty ugly error message, that starts “(TypeError): xx is null” and has a lot more going on.  Wait for the form to finish refreshing, click close on any error messages. If your form doesn’t re-appear, repeat refresh and ignoring any errors till it does. You should then have a question of type Single Select with no “children” (potential answers). Select the question, right click, and “add new child” to add your potential answers.

Fixed in v1.3

Right click is not always disabled^

When desgning forms you often need to right click but find you get the browser’s right click menu. We know, we’re sorry, we’re working on it.  In the meantime, just left click once outside the menu to make the browser’s right click menu go away.

Skip logic must be saved before clicking away from a question^

If you are adding skip logic but click away from that question, for example to look at a similar question on the same form, before saving the form, the skip logic you just added will be lost.

Copy and pasting questions does not retain the skip and validation logic^

At the moment this is intentional, but if you have a use case where this would be helpful let us know and we can start discussing it.

Importing a Study, imports it twice.^

Sorry, we’re working on it.  To work around, import, save, refresh, then delete one of the newly imported ones, save, refresh, and you should be good to go.

“Problem saving image : null” when using a camera (but still works)^

When you attempt to use a question of type Picture, when saving the image to the form the error “Problem saving image: null”appears. Click ok, your image will be saved and uploaded.

Fixed in v1.3

CSV export of forms with multimedia in them doesn’t work export multimedia elements^

At present CSV export of forms with multimedia in them doesn’t work export multimedia elements.

Creating a new version of a form through Study Panel doesn’t pull over existing questions from previous version.^

If you are in the left bar, where your studies are listed, and select a form and then right click and select “Add new Form” it will list a new version of that form.  However it will not pull in all questions from previous version of form.

To see how to create a new version of form, you must have existing data in the form and then attempt to design the form which will prompt you to create a new version. See this video XXX.

Some characters not supported in form questions^

You can use most, if not all, standard keyboard characters: <>?:”!@#$%^&*()[]\;’,./

But certain special characters, may not work. ≤ and ≥ are known not to work.

Reports not enabled in openXdata-1.2 ^

The Reports module of openXdata is still in development.  It can be readily used to generate SQL queries on your data collected by openXdata, but in order to generate reports it currently requires a mysql user ‘test’ with password ‘test’. This could open up a potential data security problem and as a result, we decided not to include the Reports module in our 1.2 Release as it’s not quite ready for primetime.  If you’d like to use just the Reports generation facility or wish to play with viewing your data, you can use a build of openXdata from trunk. For the latest stable build go to:$admin/ All the usual caveats apply when trying to run a latest development build and so we don’t recommend for production use.

Cannot assign the same permission twice to one user^

If the following two roles have been created:

  • “Study_Editor” with permission “Perm_View_Studies” & “Perm_Edit_Studies”
  • “Study_Viewer” with permission “Perm_View_Studies”

An attempt to assign a user both roles will give a “call failed on server” error message.

Cannot have a question enabled and not visible^

Enabling a question will always make it visible. You can have a visible question that is disabled though.

Setting a different database for exported data prevents viewing responses^

In v1.3, where Emit interface is integrated into the new dashboard, setting a different database for export prevents viewing responses. A “cannot find ____” message will appear. The data is present in exported tables, but is not accessible by application. Ticket reference:

Firefox Add-on Adblock cause issues with defining skip logic^

The firefox add-on Adblock prevents suggestions from being shown when defining skip logic. Workaround:

1) Turn off adblock while defining forms

2) Manually entering the question binding works

Fixed in v1.3