1. Design of studies/surveys as forms that can be filled in. The studies are designed on the server and can be filled in on supported mobile phones, or data can be entered through a web interface, EMIT.
  2. From the phone, send and receive forms and data in a variety of ways:
    1. http/GPRS
    2. Blue tooth
    3. SMS can also be used to send databut the costs are generally higher than using GPRS if you have the option
      1. Although GPRS can look expensive, openXdata only uses a very small amount of data when sending and receiving forms which keeps the costs low. This would increase if multimedia files were being sent, but in that case SMS is not an option anyway
  3. Administer your users, assign custom permissions and roles with high levels of granularity
  4. Importing and exporting both studies and forms
  5. If your phone supports it, you can design phones to capture GPS co-ordinates, audio, video, and images.
  6. Use the data export function to get your data automatically put in a relational database which you can query using tools such as jasper server.