To get going with openXdata the minimum you will need is the openXdata server.

To download the latest stable release go here.

Once you have installed the web application, which can be a little unnerving if its your first time but gets easier, you can: design forms, enter data, view data, export data, modify users, edit roles and permissions, design basic reports, and more.

If you want to collect data on a mobile phone you will need to install the application on the phone. If you want users to collect data on the web through a more user friendly web-interface you can use EMIT.

openXdata server is a Java-based web-application.  Java web applications are cross-platform, so the same web-application can be deployed on any machine that’s running Java. Most openXdata users use tomcat to deploy the web application, although other Java servlet containers, such as glassfish have been used.

Once deployed, openXdata server is viewable through a web-browser. We recommend using firefox, which is free and available for download here.

For openXdata-1.2 please use Sun Java 1.6 JDK for your server.