Screencast on Ubuntu Linux but much will be similar across platforms.

Assuming you have tomcat and mysql installed and running (see here).

Assuming you have downloaded openxdata.war to your local machine (Download here.)

We will do the following steps:

  1. Deploy the webapp (it won’t start first time round)
  2. Create a blank database and database user for openxdata (skip to ~1:40)
  3. Edit the configuration settings (skip to~3:45)
  4. Start the webapp (skip to ~5:40)
  5. Check everything’s running (skip to ~6:45)


If you have used the default Ubuntu tomcat installation.  To edit the file do the following:

  • Go to openxdata.war webapp directory
    • $ cd /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/openxdata
  • Edit the properties file as root (2 options)
    • $ sudo gedit
    • $ sudo nano