List of Studies


After logging in, the first screen is always the List of Studies.

Download studies


To download studies to your phone click Menu and Download Studies. You will need mobile signal and a data connection to download studies.

You may wish to download studies to:

  • update your list after new studies were added
  • update your list ater permissions were updated
  • update your list if sharing a phone with someone

You will not be able to download studies if there is data on the phone waiting to be uploaded.

Download forms in a study


From your list of studies, scroll up and down and select the one you want, then press the middle button on your phone to select that study (or choose Menu -> Select).

If you have already downloaded the forms for that study, this will take you to the list of forms. If you have not yet downloaded the forms for that study, then you will need mobile signal and a data connection to download the studies.

Updating forms


If you are in your list of forms and you wish to update the list of forms. You can download the forms again for that study by using Menu -> Download Forms


Remember you will only be able to see the studies and forms that your user has been granted access to. See server documentation for instructions on assigning studies and forms to users.