EMIT 1.0 is an easy to use online data capture application based on the OpenXData server. It is used to capture, view and edit form data. To design forms and perform administrative functions such as create users and manage roles the “Admin Console” (OpenXDataServerAdmin) must be used.

EMIT uses the same database as the OpenXData application, uses the same server code, and runs alongside OpenXData in the web application server. EMIT 1.0 runs with the OpenXData release 1.1.

As of v1.3 of openXdata, EMIT was combined into openXdata to make the new Dashboard View and this page does not apply to new versions of openXdata

Common problems/Troubleshooting/FAQ

I have x responses, but when I open the “browse responses” window I see nothing.

The browse responses window reads the form data from the exported tables. This means that if the rdms data export does not run successfully and export the form data you will see this problem. Look in the log files to see the error.

I see duplicate responses in the “browse respones” window.

The ‘Data export’ task cannot be running on a schedule and continuously. For Emit, it must be set on “run at startup” and “continuous=true”.

When I login I see “Access Denied”.

The Emit application requires the permission “Perm_Emit”. Please add this permission to the user’s role (using the admin console)

The user can see all the studies even though I have set the study permissions using the Admin console.

If the user has the Role_Administrator then they will always see all the studies/forms

I don’t see my questions on the form.

You need to do a preview of the form in the OpenXData Admin Console before they will appear in Emit.